miércoles, junio 26, 2013

Free Hyena

I didn´t realize, but time goes so fast. Almost one year ago, all pieces fell into place and I left Mercury Steam, where I have been working in three projects during 5 years and a half. It also meant I was leaving Madrid, which was by then something like a second home to me, and lots of friends and good moments behind.

   It was scary, but it was the perfect moment to start to follow a new path: the Way of the Full-time Freelancer. With so many other things I have done, I still don´t believe I had the balls to make the decision, and you wouldn´t  believe how good it feels

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Antonio Alonso dijo...

Me alegra saber que aún hay gente dispuesta a cometer sus propios errores. Olé, ¡con un par! felicidades y a seguir así.