miércoles, septiembre 12, 2012

Hyena of Blood

     I love when an image gets released sooner than expected and I can share it while it´s hot. I love it even more when the AD takes a moment to notify you about it. Sometimes life is bloody nice.

   And the process, or the at least the steps I remembered to save. I swear one day I´ll publish a proper step-by-step tutorial.

viernes, septiembre 07, 2012

Hiena de mozas

    Ok folks, seems like the people there in AxFaction are moving things forward and showing more of my recent designs. I´m so looking forward to see these made in resin! Check out their website www.axfaction.com and buy, BUY! I mean...Enjoy! (Buy!).

sábado, septiembre 01, 2012

Hiena of Thrones

   Hi, beloved pieces of carrion. These are two illustrations I made long ago for the A Game of Thrones LCG; they are more than two years old, I think, so I guess both have been published already.

   Hola, queridas carroñitas mías. Estas son dos ilustraciones que hice hace tiempo para el juego de cartas de Juego de Tronos; tienen más de un par de años ya, así que supongo que están publicadísimas y a nadie le importará ya que las muestre.

   And remember, Winter is Coming.