jueves, agosto 29, 2013

Hiena desde lo profundo

   Greetings from the depths of oblivion. I have to apologize to all the followers of this blog for the long long silence, but for the last year my life has been pretty busy, and not only because of work. Of course I have been working a lot, which is great, as my professional freelance career seems to be doing pretty well, but I´ve been a few other things, like changing my residence to another country, trying to remain fit and keeping my social life alive. Believe me: when your work consists basicly on sitting in front of the computer painting most of the time, that´s NOT easy.

   Saludos desde las profundidades del olvido. Debo disculparme con todos los seguidores de este blog por el largo largo silencio. pero durante el último año mi vida ha sido complicada, y no sólo por el trabajo. Por supuesto, he estado trabajando mucho, lo cual es genial, puesto que mi carrera como freelance parece ir viento en popa, pero también he estado haciendo unas pocas cosas más, como cambiar mi residencia a otro país, intentar seguir en forma y mantener mi vida social activa. Creédme: cuando tu trabajo consiste básicamente en sentarte delante del ordenador pintando la mayor parte del tiempo, esto NO es fácil.

miércoles, junio 26, 2013

Free Hyena

I didn´t realize, but time goes so fast. Almost one year ago, all pieces fell into place and I left Mercury Steam, where I have been working in three projects during 5 years and a half. It also meant I was leaving Madrid, which was by then something like a second home to me, and lots of friends and good moments behind.

   It was scary, but it was the perfect moment to start to follow a new path: the Way of the Full-time Freelancer. With so many other things I have done, I still don´t believe I had the balls to make the decision, and you wouldn´t  believe how good it feels

viernes, febrero 22, 2013

Famous Hyena

   Seems like my work in the Castlevania games is still a good reason for people to ask me lots of stuff (I´m lovin' it).

   Parece que mi trabajo en la saga Castlevania sigue siendo motivo para que la gente me pregunte montones de cosas (y me encanta).


jueves, febrero 21, 2013

German Hyena

  Hi folks! Sorry for the long abscence, but since I came back to Berlin after Christmas, my horrible time management has left me stranded and a bit lost with my regular duties, such as updating my beloved blog. I promise to start uploading interesting stuff soon, or at least as soon as I can find some of my lost discipline. Stay tuned and remember to like my FB page to join in for the next livestreaming sessions!


Hola peña! Perdón por la larga ausencia, pero desde que volví a Berlín tras las navidades, mi horrible gestión del tiempo me ha dejado encallado y algo perdido en mis quehaceres habituales, como actualizar mi querido blog. Prometo empezar a subir cosas interesantes pronto, o tan pronto como pueda encontrar algo de mi perdida disciplina. Estad atentos y acordaos de darle al "me gusta" a mi página de FB para apuntaros a las siguientes sesiones de livestream!