martes, junio 29, 2010

Games Workshop-Golden Demon 2010 1st Award!

  Oh, by the Emperor, it´s finally done! Just on time for the Games Day 2010, hope it leaves a good impression there. Can´t wait to see it printed ;)

   EDIT: although the print was pretty crappy, I finally won the 1st award at Madrid´s Games Day Golden Demon illustration challenge; nothing great, as it was such a small number of other artworks, but still something nice! Now, let´s see who´s going to enjoy  a summer course at JOSO art school paid by Games Workshop. Yeah, for once, they pay something and we do NOT.

viernes, junio 11, 2010

Trampling Hyena

 This feels like a neverending tale; fortunately, the client is all too happy with the results and it menas soon this blog will be drowned on ancient warriors, Celts, Picts, Germans, Romans and all those ol´little bastards. This makes Hyena happy ;-)